Supervisor told to install pool fence

BROADALBIN – The town supervisor has been given 30 days to install a fence around the in-ground swimming pool at his home.

Town Code Enforcement Officer David Edwards informed Supervisor Joe DiGiacomo of the state code violation this week after receiving a complaint.

DiGiacomo’s neighbor Russell T. Dickson informed town officials the pool had no fence around it.

Edwards then discussed the issue with DiGiacomo, who said he’s had the pool for 15 years.

“Until recently, I was not even aware Mr. DiGiacomo had a pool,” Edwards said.

According to the state Division of Code Enforcement, an in-ground pool requires a fence around it. The fence must surround the swimming pool and be at least 4 feet high.

“Access gates must satisfy the requirements applicable to barriers, as well as certain additional requirements. In addition, access gates must be securely locked with a key, combination or other childproof lock sufficient to prevent access to the swimming pool through such gate when the swimming pool is not in use or supervised,” the Division of Code Enforcement website says.

According to Edwards, DiGiacomo is working on installing the fence and has 30 days from the time of the notice to complete the project.

According to DiGiacomo, when he had the pool installed 15 years ago, a previous code enforcement officer at the time said DiGiacomo did not need the fence.

DiGiacomo said he is resolving the fence issue.

“I’m on the up and up,” DiGiacomo said.

DiGiacomo said he has been involved in other disagreements with Dickson.

Dickson claims DiGiacomo does not respect his property, saying DiGiacomo would park trucks and other vehicles on his land.

DiGiacomo said he had a contractor install a new driveway at his home, resulting in Dickson yelling at him.

“That is what kind of prompted this,” DiGiacomo said.

“Mr. DiGiacomo can’t throw stones when he lives in a glass house,” Dickson said.

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