Learn about the issues

While we are a long way from the general?Election?Day on Nov. 5, it’s not too early to start finding out what candidates stand for.

While the local elections may lack any high-profile races for U.S.?Congress, there are still many races whose outcome will have an effect on thousands of local people. Independent petitions are not even in yet, and already many races look like they will be highly competitive. For example:

Seventeen primaries are on tap for September in Fulton County, including mayoral races in the Glove Cities.

In Gloversville, Mayor Dayton King faces a Republican primary against Michael Ponticello and James Handy. King and Handy also will face each other in a separate Conservative primary.

In the city of Johnstown, there will be a three-way Republican primary between Helen Martin, Larry Razzano and Scott Jeffers. The winner will face Democrat Michael Julius in the general election. Martin also will be on the Conservative ballot in November.

In Montgomery?County, its first-ever county executive race will have Democrat Dominick Stagliano, who currently holds the position of St. Johnsville’s supervisor, running against Republican Matthew L. Ossenfort. Ossenfort works with the New York State Senate as a senior legislative analyst. Ossenfort also will be on the Conservative and Independence ballots in November.

Voters in Montgomery?County also will get to vote for the first time for candidates to join the new county Legislature.

There are so many issues – unemployment, blight, crime – that these elected officials, in some way, will be expected to help address.

Primaries – scheduled for Sept. 10 – are fast approaching. Voters should start making an effort now to learn where the candidates stand on the issues.