Vote to re-elect Dayton King in Gloversville

As a longtime resident of Fulton County, I am writing in support of Dayton King’s re-election for mayor of Gloversville.

Dayton’s proven leadership, dedication and commitment to the city of Gloversville are evident to all who call Gloversville their home. He brings the experience and knowledge needed to continue to make that city the remarkable place it is to live and raise families. Mayor King has clearly shown and proven to us what it is to be an active and caring public official. His list of volunteer activities is truly astounding.

In 2009, the general fund balance was $1,197,000, and at the end of 2012, it was $3,418,000. Since taking office, Dayton King has had to appoint a new police chief, fire chief, city attorney, Department of Public Works director, mobility manager and deputy finance commissioner during this term. He also recently re-appointed an assessor and hired the first female police officer to the force since October 1994. Walmart Supercenter is coming. This will create some new jobs and bring in an additional $600,000 to $800,000 of sales tax. He is working on bringing in other retail and commercial businesses to Gloversville as well. Mayor King and his wife continue to volunteer their time to make Gloversville a better place.

He has demonstrated his ability to work effectively with the Police Department, Fire Department and Public Works Department to keep Gloversville running smoothly while striving to uphold the fiscal responsibility that is so important to all of us.

Mayor King is a strong supporter of local business and believes in investing and buying from the businesses of Gloversville. Gloversville hasn’t had a mayor serve eight consecutive years since Mayor Richard Hood in the 1960s. I believe we need that consistency again. He continues to speak with people about Gloversville and share thoughts on how everyone can improve it. His belief is we may not always agree, but you will always have my attention and I will listen to your ideas.

As mayor, Dayton King has served Gloversville well for the past four years. We need Dayton’s continued leadership and clearly feel that he is the best-qualified candidate to keep the city of Gloversville moving forward.

I encourage all Republicans and Conservatives to come out on primary day. We encourage all residents to re-elect Dayton King as your mayor of Gloversville on Sept 10.