Work on tower continues

MAYFIELD – The village water tower is still deactivated, though work on the structure is expected to finish this week.

Mayor Jamie Ward said Monday the tower was repaired over the weekend. A crew from Pittsburgh Tank and Tower patched the hole that was causing the tower to leak.

“The leak was pretty minor, from a system standpoint,” Ward said.

Ward said the cause of the leak was related to a repair done in the 1980s after someone allegedly shot the tower with a gun.

“It was the old bullet hole that was fixed,” he said.

Crews from Pittsburgh Tank and Tower told the mayor the patch over the bullet hole had given way, allowing the water to leak out again.

During an emergency meeting of the Village Board on July 30, Ward said the entire repair and cleaning would cost roughly $37,000.

Ward said the costs to repair and clean the tower were based on a bid from Pittsburgh Tank and Tower. The company offered to accept a payment plan with a down payment of $18,000 followed by 14 installments over time, he said.

Ward said the cost reflects both the repairs and cleaning. The board decided to have the tower cleaned now, Ward said, rather than wait another few years.

A waxy material known as cosmoline also will be placed on the walls of the tank, putting a barrier between the metal and the water. Ward said the current layer of cosmoline has come loose in the tank.

Ward said the tower is currently filled with a highly chlorinated water supply, which is disinfecting the inside of the tank. He said crews will install a valve at the base of the tower to drain it, which will avoid the need to issue a boil water warning for the local area.

Ward said the workers are waiting for a valve and other parts before they can continue work. He said all of the repairs and cleaning should be finished by mid-week.