More funds may be needed to finish new garage in Perth

PERTH – Town Board members said Thursday more money may be needed to finish construction of the new town Highway Department garage.

At the board’s meeting Thursday, possible cost overruns for the project were pointed out by members of the board.

The Town Board unanimously approved bids in June for several companies that will construct a highway building, to replace the current garage.

The garage is too small and old for continued use the board indicated in June.

The project was originally to cost more than $383,000, split among several construction companies.

However, Town Board member Walter Kowalczyk said these costs did not include work done by the Mayfield Highway Department.

“What we did [was], the supervisor only borrowed what the bid cost,” Kowalczyk said.

Board members also said the possible excess costs come from bidding for the septic tank and other work by the town Highway Department.

Last month, the Highway Department was working at the site, placing a new oil/water separator and working on a leech field for the septic tank.

Town Highway Superintendent David Dopp said he did not know how much, if any, the overflow could be. A more precise estimate will be available in time for the September board meeting, Dopp said.

Members of the board discussed repairs that could be made to a town building – which the town will rent our from time to time – behind Town Hall.

Kowalczyk said water has been coming through the cement block wall in the building.

“It should be a simple fix; there won’t be any big projects,” Kowalczyk said.

However, there was no established time for a repairs.