Man did good work as gas station worker

When I was a little kid, you didn’t have to pump gas much because most gas stations were full service. The attendant would set the gas nozzle on auto, and while the tank was filling, he would wash the windshield, check the oil and honor any other request you may have, like checking the tire pressure.

When the tank was full, my parents would hand the gas card to the attendant, who would take it inside the station and put it on a little card/receipt manual printer. He would set the little pegs to the proper amount and slide the handle across the card and back. He would then put the carbon-copy sheet on a unique little clipboard and bring it back out to the car for my parents to sign. My dad would comment on the rising gas prices (around 55 cents a gallon then) and wanted to know why the gas was switching over to unleaded. My dad had a gas-guzzling station wagon, so we visited a lot.

I will never forget how Dave Strauser did all those things and seemed like a great guy.

R.I.P. Dave Strauser.