Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To helping businesses. Unless you have been a victim of a horrific act of Mother Nature, you can’t fully understand the emotional and financial trauma associated with what people in Montgomery County experienced. The Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce is taking action to help businesses that are facing the loss of revenues, loss of inventory and the mounting cost of repair by creating a relief fund that will be available to qualified businesses in flood-damaged areas. We can all help in getting our neighbors back to business by sending a donation to the Fulton County Regional Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The moneys raised will help, but there is one more step needed to ensure local businesses get back on their feet when they are open: Patronize them.

JEERS – To two weeks. A simple question: Why did it take two weeks to learn about an act of vandalism and signs of possible theft at the former Tryon Detention Center, which Fulton County plans to turn into a business park? Making the public aware of crimes can help law-enforcement solve them. Sometimes, people can offer helpful information when they know about a crime. If it weren’t for the situation needing to be brought to the attention of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors, the public still may not have known about it. The description of the crime sounds like the perpetrators knew exactly what they wanted: copper. During these past two weeks, action has been taken to improve security at the “soon-to-be” property of the county. Officials were aware of the criminal act, but the public wasn’t notified.

CHEERS – To a strike-down. It seems New York City’s Board of Health, aka Mayor Michael Bloomberg, won’t be sending out sugar patrols, at least not for now. The halt comes from a unanimous opinion from a four-judge panel of the state Supreme Court Appellate Division. The judges rules the city’s Board of Health exceeded its legal authority and acted unconstitutionally when it banned 16-ounce soft drinks. The mayor says he will appeal the decision.