Carbon tax a hot idea

If we want to sustain our way of life in New York state, we need to decrease carbon-dioxide emissions. Rising temperatures and extreme weather events caused by greenhouse gas emissions affect many aspects of our lives from crop farming to fishing, dairy farming, tourism, winter sports and forests.

In order to curtail further damage from our carbon output, our government needs to enact a market-based carbon tax with dividend. The legislation is not complicated: a tax is placed on carbon-based fuels at the source. The tax will increase yearly. The money is returned to American families, making the carbon fee revenue-neutral. The tax will send a market signal to entrepreneurs and investors. It is estimated 4 million clean energy jobs would be created.

What about countries that refuse to levy a carbon tax? We won’t want them to undercut our markets so they will be charged an import tax when their goods enter our ports.

Most economists agree that a carbon tax is a suitable solution. Oil companies such as BP, Hess, Shell, Exxon-Mobil, and ConocoPhillips have made statements in support of a carbon tax. Newspapers across the U.S. have editorialized that a carbon tax is the best option Congress has.

I love living in New York. I enjoy swimming in our clean water, hiking in our forests, growing a garden, watching wildlife and more. We need to protect this beautiful, bountiful land for all of us to enjoy. If we don’t reduce carbon emissions, our weather may get too extreme for our children and grandchildren to live comfortably.

There is a solution. Call U.S. Rep. Bill Owens at (315) 782-3150. Let him know that you support carbon tax legislation.


Jamesville, Onondaga County