Mayfield crews working on water-tower problem

MAYFIELD – North Main Street residents remained under a boil-water advisory this morning, but the order was lifted for other parts of the village as crews fix a problem with the water tower.

The village water tower has been leaking, and crews had to install a new water shut-off valve in a pipe on North Main Street before workers can fix the leak in the tower.

The village shut off water service to North Main Street while crews worked on the valve.

According to a news release from Mayor Jamie Ward, water was restored on North Main Street at 6 p.m. Monday after crews installed the valve. The crews from Jones Excavating on Monday cut open a section of the road and dug down to reach the pipe.

Since Sunday, Mayfield was under a boil-water advisory after people saw a leak in the village water tower.

Today, the boil-water advisory only is in effect for North Main Street, the mayor said.

“The remaining parts of the village are fine, but still under an excessive water-use restriction,” Ward said in the news release. “This is due to the fact that the water tower is now drained and out of the system. We are now running on pumps only.”

Ward said crews from Kentucky would arrive today to fix the leak in the tower.

Ward said an emergency board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. today at the Mayfield Municipal Center to explain the situation to village residents.

Ward said events and classes at Mayfield Elementary School were expected to resume today after people were forced to leave the school Monday because of the water shut-off.

Ward said there should be no need to shut off water service while crews repair the water tower.

Ward said the Mayfield Fire Department is prepared in case of an emergency situation.

“The Fire Department is ready in the event of an emergency during tower repairs. Chris Rose led the Fire Department training drills [Monday], training on pumping water from the lake and into portable ponds, in the event of a fire in the village while the tower is down for repairs and cleaning,” Ward said.

Kelly Tomlinson, of 30 N. Main St., on Monday praised the village for informing residents about the problem.

Sarah Jones, of 8 N. Main St., said her family had bottled water and set water aside for cooking and other needs.

“It’s not bad; we just planned ahead,” Jones said.

Jamie Siwik, of 37 N. Main St., said she and her husband went out to buy bottled water Sunday to prepare for the lack of water.

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