Crews working on water valve

MAYFIELD – North Main Street was expected to be without water for part of the day today as crews were working to install a shut-off valve this morning after the water tower started leaking.

Mayor Jaime Ward said North Main Street would be without water for eight hours today as crews install a valve at the bottom of the village water tower.

Ward said the village needed to disconnect North Main Street from the tower to install the valve.

Ward said students were sent home from Mayfield Elementary School due to the lack of water to the school. The school is on North Main Street.

Ward said this morning crews were digging up the base of the water tower to work on the valve, and water was expected to return later in the day.

A boil-water advisory is in effect for all village residents. The boil-water order will last for roughly 48 hours after the valve is installed, Ward said.

Ward said the leak in the water tower was small.

“Someone noticed a rainbow a little bit from the top,” Ward said.

The hole, according to Ward, was roughly the size of a pinky. Mist was seen in the air, he said. A cause should be determined Wednesday or Thursday.

Ward said repair teams will begin Tuesday on repairing the tower while simultaneously upgrading the pump valve on Well No. 4. Village officials said this approach will allow them to run all three pumps at “optimal water pressure” during the water-tower repairs Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ward said the exact time of completion is not known.

“Barring no crazy surprises, there should be minimal impact,” Ward said.

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