Cheers and jeers

JEERS – To political theater. Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner are running for elected positions in New York state. We are sure you are well aware of their comeback campaigns. As non-New York City residents, we don’t have to make a decision to vote nay or yea for either candidate. As New York state residents, we are, or should be, very interested in our governor’s opinion of the political scene. When asked by a CBS reporter to comment on the two individuals’ political return, Gov. Cuomo stated, “It’s great political theater. It’s part of the charm of New York. We tend to have the eccentric. We tend to have the entertaining. And this is a little political theater, and I think that’s all people think of it. I don’t think they think anything more of it.” Governor, you failed to take an opportunity to encourage integrity as a characteristic for an elected official. If it’s theater you like, watch for the next show starring “Carlos Danger.”

CHEERS – To filled dashes. Often, our community reads about the death of a person who will be missed by scores of people who were affected by that person’s good deeds. Such is the case in at least two obituaries published this week. In reading the words penned for two men who reached their 90s, John Cridland and Paul Valachovic, you saw a snapshot of how they lived their lives and what they did for their community. They are examples of people who loved and served their country, family and community. Linda Ellis’ poem “The Dash” speaks to how your time is spent from a birth date to the date of death. It ends with “So, when your eulogy is being read, ?with your life’s actions to rehash ?would you be proud of the things they say?about how you spent your dash?” Cheers to two men who filled their dashes.

CHEERS – To coming back. For a number of years, the displays in the windows on the southwest corner of Fulton and Main streets in Gloversville would have heads turning to look at antiques. Then, the business left and the windows were empty, and members of the Gloversville High School class of 1963 took the initiative to fill the windows until a new business would take over. Well, a takeover did occur, but not by a new business. Terry’s Antiques returned. After a short relocation of the business, it appears the owners of the antique shop and the owners of the building are back in a great working relationship. Welcome back.