Don’t pick on two elderly grandparents

Shame on you, Dianne C. Pesta of Perth (author of July letter, “Gov’t should correct a bad situation”). Who do you think you are, picking on two elderly people who are trying to raise their four grandchildren and accusing the grandparents of welfare fraud?

And who made you God to judge what someone’s home should look like or how many people should be living in a home?

There are so many people out in the world right now and in our local areas who don’t have a home. Because of the changing of the world and the weather, people have lost everything they own. At least these two loving grandparents are putting a roof over the four grandchildren’s heads. You are picking on children who have dirt on their clothes.

I’m a 51-year-old woman and I enjoy getting all dirty, too, because I enjoy being outdoors and in the woods.

Oh, don’t tell me you never got your clothes dirty. And so what if the kids have a minibike or an ATV.

It’s none of your business. Keep your motors running, kids, but have respect for other people and their property.

I think you need some serious therapy or counseling, possibly some jail time, too. You don’t like it because Social Services or Child Protective Services won’t take the children away from the grandparents.

Did you ever think that it’s because the grandparents and the children aren’t doing anything wrong. You are. You are harassing that family. Leave them alone.

You are trying to get the people involved in your cesspool.

You are threatening Judge Skoda. I was raised never to disrespect a judge, and that’s how I also raised my children, to respect any judge in the court of law.

We are all taxpayers in New York state. We pay taxes for everything we buy and every bill we pay, including at the gas pump, to put in our vehicles or mini bikes or ATVs, and even our lawn mowers.

So, don’t worry, honey, the grandparents are paying taxes, too, for everything that they buy for their grandchildren.

So why don’t you go over to the grandparents’ house and ask them if they need help with anything or if they need anything instead of being an uncaring woman?

You should be ashamed of yourself. People like you make me sick.