Small steps can help whole community

Since my last letter to the editor, my understanding of the world has changed a lot. I have seen the ignorance in others as well as past ignorance in myself.

I often think we are better than this. I constantly see all the potential we are born with wasted. We all have potential, but it seems the top potential someone has is rarely achieved; that too is because of ignorance.

I wish I put forth more effort into high school as I am approaching my senior year. As freshmen, we don’t know the opportunities we have as good students. I have not been the worst, but my potential in high school was far from reached. This is not a failure but a mistake many make far too often. I don’t yet know where I am going to college, but I certainly have more options than many.

This is what upsets me: all of us still have time to educate ourselves. We have a great college right in our backyard that, with a little effort, nearly anybody can attend. Even if you have no desire to attend college, it is important to be informed.

We all have access to computers, which is freedom of information at its finest. So I challenge you to read the articles in the newspaper and research the stories that are the most controversial. Take a side, while understanding both. Vote in an election, learn how their different positions affect you (which they most certainly do).

Finally, help out in the community as an informed citizen. These small steps will ensure the success of our community and growth as a people.