Beating evil requires daily commitment

People seem to be overwhelmed by the amount of unnecessary violence in the world around them. Many citizens can’t understand how God would permit crime and unethical behavior to exist.

The world is governed by two principles: free will (reason) and nature (laws of physics, chemistry, etc.). Life would be extremely boring if humans didn’t have free will to make thousands of decisions every day. People choose between right and wrong for social, economic, political and cultural reasons.

Hitler and Stalin had free will and so did Churchill and Eisenhower. Good overcame evil as it usually does, but sometimes it takes decades and extraordinary courage and willpower by a leader and followers not afraid to face hardship or even death.

Humans can’t fully control nature, such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and lightning-caused forest fires, but they can mitigate their damage by predicting them, by rescue efforts and by humanitarian care of the victims.

It takes honest, involved, compassionate people to overcome evil in this world. It must be a daily commitment. Don’t “look the other way.”


Mount Vernon, Westchester County