Gloversville preparing for new Walmart

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council has taken several measures in preparation for a new Walmart Supercenter, which is scheduled to open in the city in mid-August.

The city Tuesday agreed to maintain a road leading into the store property.

The city also gave Walmart permanent access to a piece of city property so the store can maintain an electric sign.

Another agreement gives the city access to property owned by the neighboring Fulton County Federal Credit Union to maintain or improve sewer infrastructure.

“I think [the supercenter] is good and I think you are going to see Hales Mills Road and also Route 30A really explode over the next five to 10 years,” Mayor Dayton King said about the Walmart project.

Bast-Hatfield Construction of Clifton Park is leading construction of the 157,100-square-foot store at the end of South Kingsboro Avenue. The existing Walmart store on Fifth Avenue Extension will close upon the opening of the supercenter.

The new store will create 85 new jobs, adding to the 170 employees at the existing store on Fifth Avenue Extension, Walmart spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said recently.

Busing changes

The city council Tuesday approved a request from city Transit Director William Walrath to hold a public hearing for Aug. 13 for a bus route change related to Walmart.

When the new Walmart opens on or about Aug. 14, the transit will divert the city bus to provide service to the new supercenter.

The addition to the Gloversville bus route adds about eight minutes to the route, the release said.

In order to keep the city bus loop one hour, the release said, cuts to other parts of the route are necessary.

New schedules will be distributed and available before the route changes. People can look for the new schedule on WFNY-TV as bus stop times will be different, according to the release.

Walrath said the altered routes will only change the stop times by just a few minutes. The public hearing will give people the opportunity to express any concerns or confusion they might have with the anticipated route.

He said the system made it a priority to maintain the one-hour loop schedule to make it easier for people to schedule their trips.

King advised city residents to be careful when traveling to the new store since traffic will be busy.

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