Board approves FMCC budget

FONDA – The Montgomery?County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s proposed $18.6 million 2013-14 budget.

Earlier this month, the Fulton County Board of Supervisors also approved the proposed budget. The budget will be sent later this summer to the State University of New York for final adoption.

The spending plan calls for no increase in contributions from Fulton and Montgomery counties, but it slightly raises tuition.

FMCC’s total proposed operating budget for the next academic year is $18.57 million, a decrease of 1 percent from the college’s 2012-13 spending plan. This is the sixth-consecutive year the college is seeking no county increases. Fulton and Montgomery counties would each contribute about $1.4 million to FMCC.

The budget calls for a tuition increase of $154 per year per student. However, there would be a reduction in the health and wellness fee and student activity fee. The result would be an actual increase in cost to students of $74 per academic year.

Current tuition for a full-time student is $1,722 per semester.

FMCC President Dustin Swanger visited Tuesday’s meeting to update the board on some budgetary matters.

Swanger said enrollment has decreased by 2 percent. Normally, he said, 80 percent of the school population is from Fulton or Montgomery counties, but this year, only 73 percent of the students will be from these counties.

However, Swanger said, there will be an increase in international students because 26 students will be attending from Brazil.

Overall, Swanger said he is confident in FMCC’s 2013-14 budget plan and thinks “things are running smoothly.”