Paperwork issue delays road deal

JOHNSTOWN – The Town Board appears set to wait on a few pieces of paperwork from C.G. Roxane before it takes over Old Sweet Road.

The board – due to a request from Fulton County Planning Director James Mraz – was asked to sign a document that would transfer Old Sweet Road to the town’s stewardship.

However, the board was split when it voted July 15, with two board members for signing the document and two against it.

Councilwoman Beth Schloicka and Councilman Walter Lane voted against the measure, while Supervisor Nancy MacVean and Councilman Daryl Baldwin voted for it.

Tamara Healy, the fifth board member, did not attend the meeting.

C.G. Roxane purchased the land surrounding Old Sweet Road – a dirt road usable only by four-wheel drive vehicles – and paid to have it developed. The road will be used for deliveries and shipments to and from the new water bottling plant. The property has been transferred to the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency, which previously asked the town to pass a resolution conceptually approving the transfer of the road. The previous requests also were denied.

Lane said there were concerns raised over the status of the paperwork. Lane said land transactions are not complete on a portion of land.

“That is the reason we didn’t sign that thing,” Lane said. “…Not all the papers have been prepared, legally.”

Mraz said he was acting as a middleman between the two parties, so he could not speak for C.G. Roxane.

“The only issue that has been communicated to me has been the title policy,” Mraz said.

A representative from C.G. Roxane was unavailable for comment.

MacVean said the town is still willing to maintain Old Sweet Road.

“Eventually, I’m sure we [will] take it over,” MacVean said.