City man concerned about condition of Mayfield home

MAYFIELD – A Gloversville resident complained to the Town Board about the condition of a childhood home, now owned by his brothers.

Bob Castiglione of Gloversville expressed concerns to the board Thursday regarding a home at 130 Woodland Ave.

Castiglione said he was disappointed with his brothers’ – Ralph and Jack Castiglione – responses to letters from Code Enforcement Officer Mike Stewart.

Castiglione said letters have been sent since 2004 regarding the condition of the home at the time.

“In each case, Building Inspector Stewart has stated violations of local law with local legislation regarding junk vehicles,” Castiglione said.

Neither Ralph nor Jack Castiglione was available for comment.

The home also has a leaking roof and various other issues, Castiglione said.

Castiglione said his brothers have not taken the issue seriously.

“I am anxious to get this solved in a hurry,” Castiglione said. “The neighbors have put up with this for too long, and it needs to end.”

Castiglione asked the board to assist Stewart as much as possible.

“The place has become a junkyard, a salvage yard. It is lakefront property. It’s not some place up in the mountains and woods, OK? There ought to be a serious approach to cleaning up this place out of respect to the neighbors,” Castiglione said.

Castiglione said the notices in the mail were being set to an old address.

Stewart said past problems at the place were corrected, and only one notice is current.

The current notice is about violation of a trash law and a junk vehicle/junk mobile home law, Stewart said, similar to previous notices.

Stewart said he has been in touch with Ralph Castiglione.

“[Ralph] has spoken to me in the past about this,” he said.

Bob Castiglione said his brothers do not live at the home. Ralph Castiglione lives in Gloversville, he said, and Jack Castiglione lives in Pittsfield, Mass.

Castiglione mentioned a truck on the property, registered last in 2000, prevents a neighbor from easily using his boathouse.

Castiglione said the home was willed to his brothers by their father.

“I grew up in that house,” Castiglione said.

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