Transit delivers altered route for store

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council will hold a meeting Tuesday where it is expected to pass a number of resolutions related to the Walmart Supercenter, which is on schedule to open in mid-August.

Among the resolutions is the acceptance of right-of-way and Walmart improvements in dedication in relation to the construction and development, and allowing the mayor to enter into a permanent access and maintenance easement agreement with the Walmart Real Estate Business Trust and the Fulton County Credit Union.

Transit Director William Walrath also is expected to request a motion to hold a public hearing Aug. 13 for a route change requested by the Department of Transportation in relation to the Walmart.

The changes to the Gloversville Transit System bus run are the result of the Walmart store nearing completion.

Beginning when the new Walmart supercenter opens on or about Aug. 14, Gloversville Transit will divert the city bus to provide service to the new supercenter, a news release said.

The bus will divert from the city bus route at Steele Avenue and Wells Street, the release said. The bus will turn right onto Wells Street from Steele Avenue, and then take another right onto South Kingsboro Avenue, heading to the new Walmart.

The bus will travel to the new supercenter and stop near the main entrance. The bus will leave Walmart and travel north on South Kingsboro Avenue until it gets to Woodward Avenue, where the bus will take a right and resume the usual route.

This addition to the Gloversville bus route adds about eight minutes to the route, the release said.

In order to keep the city bus loop one hour, the release said, cuts to other parts of the route are necessary.

The bus will no longer go west on West Fulton Street all the way to McNab Street and return to Broad Street using Second Street. Instead, the release said, the bus will turn left onto Broad Street from West Fulton Street, and travel on Broad Street until it gets to South Main Street.

Also, after leaving City Hall, the bus will no longer turn left onto Church Street and then right onto Bleeker Street and then right onto West Fulton Street. Instead, the bus will take Frontage Road to West Fulton Street and turn right.

After the bus leaves the current Walmart/Hannaford Plaza, it will no longer turn left onto Route 30, then right onto Second Avenue and then right onto East Boulevard. Instead, the bus will take Fifth Avenue to East Boulevard and turn right.

New schedules will be distributed and available before the route changes. People can look for the new schedule on WFNY-TV as bus stop times will be different, according to the release.

“It is going to be a pretty small impact,” Walrath said of the changes. “It is going to add about eight minutes to the route, but with the changes that were made here, we are going to balance it out.”

He said the system made it a priority to maintain the one-hour loop schedule to make it easier for people to schedule their trips.

“When we add any time to [the route], we have to take it off somewhere else,” Walrath said.

Guest speakers

Multiple guest speakers are also expected to address the council Tuesday.

Kenneth Bouchard will speak regarding his proposed new taxicab business in the city.

Colleen Lescault of Combined Insurance will speak to the council about competitive insurance options that could potentially save the city money, according to the agenda for the meeting.

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