Yoga and wellness business opens in Johnstown

JOHNSTOWN – Missy Stoutner has been a faithful attendee of yoga classes at Blooming Lotus Yoga and Wellness studio since it opened in April.

In just a few months, she said her life has turned around.

“I tried all kinds of exercise my whole life,” Stoutner said, but nothing helped her shed her health troubles like the yoga practice taught by Blooming Lotus owner and operator Nacole M. Smith.

Smith on July 13 held a grand opening ceremony with massages, sound baths, accupuncture and more.

“I’ve had high blood pressure for more than 10 years, and now I’m on a lower dose and working on getting off of that,” Stoutner said. “Medically, it’s really made a difference.” From blood pressure to back strain, weight loss and general well being, Stoutner says she’s improved in all of these ways since she began taking classes at Blooming Lotus.

That’s what Smith wants to offer the community with her new studio with her hope “that as individuals, and collectively as families and communities, everyone might live a life with less suffering and sorrow and more joy and purpose as we dive into the rich and endless depths of discovery through the path of yoga,” she said.

Blooming Lotus, located at 110 Prospect St. in the city, offers various types of yoga classes for all ages and levels of experience. Special services also include private yoga sessions for individuals or groups as well as individual instruction for people with specific injuries.

Massage therapy offered by Nacole’s husband, Dan Smith, acupuncture by Maureen Dowd, guided meditation, rieki and hoop dancing also are offered.

The studio has a large collection of items like planetary gongs and Tibetan singing bowls that are used to offer what’s called vibrational sound baths for healing and meditation through the group Universal Sounds that includes Nacole, Dan and Robb Kopp.

Nacole said her studio is the area’s first yoga studio in the county that offers a full spectrum of holistic and wellness services.

Nacole was born and raised in Gloversville and currently lives in Saratoga County.

“Inspired by her teacher Jennilee Toner, Nacole has a strong desire to create a sacred space that brings the community together and to help all people heal body, mind, spirit and soul. Nacole’s intention is to raise the awareness of the profoundly transformative path of Yoga in our local area while supporting the individual student step by step through the journey to wellness,” the company said in an email to The Leader-Herald

To see a schedule of classes, visit For more information, call 774-4957 or email