New Johnstown engineer doing great job

In 2003, my husband and I laughed over the warning on TV, it said flooding was possible in Johnstown, not knowing within two hours our basement would have 2 feet of water and our in-ground pool would look like the Mississippi River. Our neighbor across the street (Judy Gosselin) would end up having 5 feet of water in her basement.

In the past 10 years, we have been flooded six times. Whenever we hear a warning, now we pay attention.

On May 29, another warning was announced. We saw a massive storm at 6 p.m. and it started up again at 7 p.m. The black mud came rushing down Perry Street to Elmwood Avenue; Judy’s yard was covered in minutes and our pool was lost again. But for once the city of Johnstown has a city engineer who has enough brains to see the issue.

In 44 days, she put in a new storm drain on the corner of Elmwood and Perry and has developed an agreement between the county Solid Waste and the city to dig out the retention pond on Daisy Lane that has been the source of the problem for 10 years. We cannot thank Chandra Cotter enough. One woman was able to do what the two engineers before her could not. We hope whoever becomes the next mayor of Johnstown will keep Chandra on as engineer.

Our special thanks goes out to Johnstown Police Department Officer Doug Hart, Bill Wessell and AJ Debuel and all of the Johnstown Department of Public Works employees for the great job they did on Perry Street and Daisy Lane. We also would like to thank Joel Wilson, operating manager of the Fulton County Solid Waste Department, for being nice and cooperative enough to help the city of Johnstown by sharing services, and to Mike Voght, who drove the excavator.

Personal thanks to Brian Marcucci (councilman at large) and Linda Madison; the only council members that came or called; Jim and Rhonda Callery for always being there for us and Judy’s family – Ben, Jaime, Sam and Lance Morey.

Because of Chandra Cotter, Jason Scott and all the members of DPW, we might be able to sleep tonight.