Appeal needs to be filed

We are glad to see the state is launching its $16 million Mohawk Valley and Upstate Flood Recovery Program.

Homeowners and small businesses in Fort Plain could certainly use the help after the flooding that hit the area in late June.

However, we hope Gov. Andrew Cuomo appeals the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s decision to deny individual aid to the people of New York.

While $16 million in aid may not seem like much for a state with a $135 billion annual budget, every little bit of federal aid helps avoid the state hiking taxes next year.

It was announced Monday the federal government denied some aid to victims of the flood.

FEMA has approved public assistance for municipalities and public facilities, as well as for non-profit community service groups. However, funds from the Individual Assistance program would have allowed homeowners to receive aid from FEMA.

We said the state was correct to step up and help out the affected areas before, and it was nice to see it followed through.

There will be $4 million in aid that can help homeowners, businesses and farms in Montgomery County, a news release from the governor’s office said.

However, the state should still appeal FEMA’s decision.

It seems unfair that the same area that was eligible for FEMA aid in 2006 is denied because the financial and property loss was not bad enough this time to trigger federal assistance. The flood victims are being denied federal aid because of something they had no control over.

As U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson said, FEMA’s decision was “flat-out wrong.”