Knox Field fireworks show praised

JOHNSTOWN – A Greater Johnstown School District Board of Education member last week praised a recent fireworks show at Knox Junior High School that attracted thousands of spectators.

Board member Ronald Beck reported to the board that a June 29 event at Knox Field put on by the Johnstown Area Community Center went well.

“This was a $5,000 fireworks display,” Beck said. “It was super – it was great.”

Beck thanked the school district for allowing the event to be conducted at Knox Field. Until about 30 years ago, a fireworks show was an annual occurrence at the field. Many city residents were pleased to see the tradition resume, and Beck was one of those collecting donations at the event to help it continue in future years.

Beck thanked Clifton Park resident Tom Christiano, a pyrotechnician for Alonzo Fireworks in Mechanicville, who organized the show. Also assisting was Christiano’s sister, local resident Lisa Brown, who did the fundraising for the JACC.

He said the show, called “Star Spangled Fireworks,” attracted people from throughout the Northeast, including many former city residents who came home for the weekend. He said the cleanup went well and everyone did a “superb job.” He estimated 5,000 people were at Knox Field to witness the show.

“What a great thing,” said Beck. “I was told it was the largest fireworks display outside of Albany.”

In other school reports, district Director of Facilities and Operations Leo Loveless told the board the Johnstown High School pool was closed for a “low flow rate.”

“There’s a flood somewhere, we just don’t know where it is,” he said.

Loveless said Tuesday the pool remains closed, and a part has been ordered. He said the hope is to get the pool running by week’s end.

The district website this week notes the school pool is closed and unavailable for the Summer Recreation swim program.

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