Caroga camp owner upset about road dust

CAROGA – A resident of East Shore Road spoke out about road construction near her lake house during last week’s town board meeting.

Joan Maybo of 153 East Shore Road said people on her road along West Caroga Lake “likely had the worst Fourth of July weekend ever experienced at their lake homes.”

Maybo said work on the road began after Memorial Day weekend and has been going on since then.

“It just goes from one major inconvenience to another,” she said. “The Fourth was especially awful and potentially hazardous, especially to children.”

Maybo said clouds of gravel dust were blowing into people’s homes and covering the area.

“You had two choices to battle yet another road issue – go home, which my family did, or close your windows, eliminating the lake breeze and baking inside of your home,” Maybo said.

Maybo said people tried to wet the road with hoses and sprinklers to beat down the dust.

“Why do we need to pay to run our pumps to work on a problem again caused by the town?” Maybo asked.

She also said rocks and loose gravel had begun to roll down onto private beaches.

“The fluffy sand of our beaches used to be the best asset of this lake shore,” Maybo said. “Now they are being lost to another problem caused by the town.”

Maybo asked the board several questions, including why the road work wasn’t done in the fall.

“We are all terribly sad to see the deterioration of what used to be a pristine summer resort,” she said. “Especially when many are manmade issues generated by those who are charged with using our tax dollars wisely.”

Town Highway Superintendent Steven Putman the town saved $3,000 by milling the road and doing the work when it did. Putman said the road construction was started now so it could be completed by next summer.

“There is a lot to do yet,” he said. “There are storm drains to put in and piping to put in. Obviously, we can’t do it in the winter.”

Maybo responded: “Well, obviously, this isn’t working, so what is the alternative there? I mean, we can’t use our properties.”

Maybo said the conditions of the road are currently unbearable and need to be fixed.

“We have paid taxes for 64 years here and we have never asked for anything. Nothing,” Maybo said.

Town Supervisor Ralph Ottuso said calcium could be spread on the road to lower the dust levels, and town officials said today that has been done since last week’s meeting.