Thanks to Glove for bringing in tour

Did anyone happen to notice two large buses pull up in front of the Glove Performing?Arts Center recently about 2:30 p.m.? Well, I did, and what a joy it was to see activity in our downtown area.

The group was from the Theatre Historical Society of America. As they exited the buses, some went in the theater and some of the groups were looking at our wonderful architecture and strolling down the street filtering into some stores on Main Street. It was a wonderful sight to see. I later found out that they were here to have their annual membership meeting at the Glove Performing Arts Center. They told me more than 100 people were here on a tour of the Capital District and the Berkshires. Many of them were from all over the world, including Austria, Canada and the U.K., and all over our country.

They had many comments about our city and how beautiful it was and the architecture of the 1900s. They commented more about the fact we still had a theater in this small community. Every year, they tour the country looking at historical theaters. What a friendly group of people to have in our city.

We must congratulate the Glove for bringing this group to our wonderful city.


Antiques N Uniques