Work planned on new Perth garage

PERTH – Contractors are set to begin work on the new town Highway Department garage Aug. 5, after contracts with the town have been approved.

Highway Superintendent David Dopp said Thursday the highway department was working at the site that day, placing a new oil/water separator and working on a leech field for the septic tank.

Dopp said he believed crews from various contractors would be able to begin Aug. 5.

The Town Board unanimously approved bids in June for several companies that will construct a highway building, to replace the current garage.

The garage is too small and old for continued use, the board indicated in June.

Dopp said with the highway department handling the basic work, the town saved $10,000.

The project will cost more than $383,000, split among several construction companies.

Project Manager Todd Smith of D&J Construction East, who is the general contractor for the project, took contracts between the town and the company to be checked.

Smith said he believes the project would not be a problem.

“It is a standard project building for us,” Smith said, saying it was similar to the last garage they built in Lake Pleasant.

Supervisor Gregory Fagan said some changes would be made to the building design, such as replacing two water heaters, a 45-gallon electric and an on-demand propane water heater, with a single 80-gallon propane heater.

Carmel Greco, the town attorney, said the town needed to make sure any changes to the building had a written work order and would not void the warranty on any contractor work.

Greco said the contractors had until Aug. 5 to sign and return the contracts.

“The contracts are already drawn up,” Greco said. “They need to be reviewed.”

Dopp said he planned on making calls Friday to the contractors.

Greco said the contractors had 12 weeks from Aug. 5 to complete the work, unless an “act of god” was to occur, such as bad weather or shortage of supplies.

The town bought the current building in the 1960s for around $10,000, after which the town added to the structure, said Walter Kowalczyk, a Town Board member, in June.

Fagan said a combination of furnace problems and the size of the building led to the decision to build a new garage.

The new garage will be built on Midline road, next the current Highway Department building.

Fagan said the old building will be used for storage.

The contractors said the construction could be completed by the end of the summer, according to Dopp.