Consider visiting center

My name is Daniel Sala, and I was appointed as a committee of one to send out an SOS with a letter to the editor to try and drum up some attendance for the senior center in Gloversville.

At one time, we were booming with great attendance that generated breakfasts, meals, activities, etc. But as the years went by, time has taken its toll and the get-togethers and activity went down to an all-time low.

In order to get it back, we need loving people like you to make it possible again. Some of you have talent and maybe would want a class to teach your talent or have ideas, opinions and ways to have a happy and booming center again. A person’s age, status, color, etc. doesn’t matter – we are all one.

We have a great staff – all heart and willing – so what do you say? Give it a shot. Call Amanda at 725-0923 or come in, talk and visit. I hope this gets the ball rolling, and maybe I will get a thank you or a feather in my hat.

Which ever way it goes, I thank you for your time and listening. The center is open at 9 a.m. with coffee and -?98 percent of the time – goodies.


Vail Mills