Bible is the unperishing book of truth

Truth is absolute. Truth is not found in writings of secular psychology books, but only in the Bible. No psychology book contains the wisdom found only in the Bible. A psychology book will state: be politically correct, conform to norms of society and you will not be deemed abnormal or weird.

Christians are a peculiar people, meaning they are set apart or sanctified from the world. Christians must be biblically correct. With that in mind, I made an error, though unintentional, in my last letter. It was Joshua and his battalion of men who marched and blew trumpets around the walls of Jericho six, then seven, times, not Gideon. The walls collapsed. To be bibically correct is to write truth, speak truth and practice truth without error or deception. A Bible student must compare Scripture with Scripture to get an overall view of what God is stating. Study to show yourself approved. The Bible is what I’m going to be judged on. Students of the Bible will be judged harsher than someone who knows not truth. My greatest teacher is not any evangelist but the holy spirit, the third person of the godhead. Take, for instance, what he corrected me about the moral law: 1. Christ Jesus was born under the law. Jesus is the son of God, God incarnate. 2. Jesus came first for the Jews, his people, but when they rejected him, the message of salvation went to the whole world, including Gentiles (John 3:16). Paul or Saul was commissioned by God to proselytize the Gentiles. Peter proselytized the Jews. Therefore, concerning the law:

A. Believers are not under law but grace. (Romans 6:14).

B. Under grace believers have no right to violate moral law. (Romans 6:15).

C. Believers are not condemned by moral law. (Romans 8:1-4).

D. The moral law which is holy represents God’s character.

E. Love is the fulfillment of the law. (Galatians 5:14).

F. The moral law has not been obliterated (Romans 3:31).

To sum up, the Bible is the unperishing book of truth.