Car-service program to be offered

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Board of Supervisors has authorized a contract with Fulmont Community Action Agency to operate a Wheels to Work Program after the county received $65,338 from the state.

Department of Social Services Commissioner Sheryda Cooper recently told the board’s Human Services Committee that her agency was awarded the funding for a joint program with Fulmont.

The board resolution approved Monday amends the 2013 DSS budget to reflect state-awarded transportation initiative funds, and to contract with Fulmont for a Wheels to Work program.

Cooper said the initiative will provide purchased vehicles, repairs, relevant training and support services to DSS’ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families-eligible families who lack access to adequate transportation to maintain or obtain employment.

“Fulmont used to have [the program], then the funding went away,” Cooper said Monday.

Cooper said Wheels to Work provides cars and auto repairs for low-income families if they need a car for work-related reasons.

She said the families must be income-eligible to receive this service.

Cooper said that in late 2012, the state issued a memorandum to social service districts providing information regarding an opportunity to apply for funding to support transportation needs of TANF recipients.

The program supports needs of those employed or participating in other allowable work activities, she said.

The Human Services Committee in January had given approval to DSS to seek the grant funding.

Cooper said DSS submitted a proposal for $45,000 in conjunction with Fulmont.

She said DSS received notification June 6 that the county was selected for the Transportation Initiative Program for 2013.

She said the amount awarded was actually $65,338 due to additional funds made available in the 2013-14 state budget.

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