Primary elections take shape in Fulton County

JOHNSTOWN – Seventeen primaries are on tap for September in Fulton County, including mayoral races in the Glove Cities.

Candidates in major parties had until 5 p.m. Thursday to file their designating petitions, with accompanying signatures, with the county Board of Elections.

Potential independent candidates can file from Aug. 13-20. General Election Day is Nov. 5.

With Thursday afternoon’s filings, 17 primaries are set for Sept. 10.

In Gloversville, Mayor Dayton King faces a Republican primary against Michael Ponticello and James Handy. King and Handy also will face each other in a separate Conservative primary.

In the city of Johnstown, there will be a three-way Republican primary between Helen Martin, Larry Razzano and Scott Jeffers. The winner will face Democrat Michael Julius in the general election. Martin also will be on the Conservative ballot in November. Mayor Sarah Slingerland is not running again.

Other primaries in Fulton County will be as follows:

Town of Broadalbin: Two separate Republican and Conservative primaries are set between incumbent Supervisor Joseph DiGiacomo and Thomas Christopher. A four-way GOP councilman primary will involve Tinna Winney, Larry Ruzycky, Drew Thompson and Kimberly Verrego. Winney and Ruzycky also are on the ballot as Conservatives.

Caroga: A Republican primary for town clerk is set between Linda Gilbert and Greta Frasier. A GOP primary for councilman will involve Anthony Russitano, John Glenn, Anthony Sturchio and Tara Kaczor. Independence Party candidate George Hamilton will run in November.

Town of Johnstown: One Republican primary will be conducted for councilman between Clarinda Bellen, James Westover and Walter Lane. Democrat John Zawadzki will be on the November ballot.

Town of Mayfield: A sole GOP primary for councilman is set between Jack Putman, Steven VanAllen and Vincent “Vince” Coletti. Putman and Coletti also will be on the Conservative line in November.

Northampton: Incumbent Republican Supervisor Linda Kemper faces separate GOP and Conservative primary challenges from James Groff. Also squaring off in a Republican primary for councilman will be Art Simmons, Guy Poulin and Darryl Roosa. Simmons and Roosa also will be on the Conservative line in November.

Oppenheim: Sitting GOP Supervisor George Capek is being challenged by Walter Rumrill Jr. in a primary. Also, a highway superintendent primary will be held between Republicans Leo Miller and Richard Crum Jr. The winner of that race faces Democrat David Stowell in November.

Perth: A Democratic primary will be conducted between David Dopp and Stanley Korona Jr. for highway superintendent.

Stratford: A Democratic primary is set between Bernard Leavitt Jr. and Leigh Anne Loucks for supervisor. There is no Republican opposition.

In other election filings this week:

Fulton County: Incumbent County Republican Treasurer Terry Blodgett and Republican Ann Nickloy, who seeks the county clerk post, face no opposition so far.

Gloversville: Republican Councilman-at-Large James Robinson will face a Democratic challenge for his position from 1st Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth.

Facing no opposition are these supervisor candidates: Democrat Marie Born – 1st Ward; Democrat Frank Lauria Jr. – 2nd Ward; Republican Charles Potter – 4th Ward; Republican Matthew Myers – 5th Ward; and Republican Warren Greene -?6th Ward. There will be a general election race for 3rd Ward supervisor between incumbent Republican Michael Gendron and Democrat Stephen Mahoney.

Running unopposed for city Water Board are incumbents Gerald Yost, Robert Shell and Wayne McCann.

City of Johnstown: Republican City Court Judge Thomas Walsh faces no opposition.

Councilman-at-Large Bryan Marcucci is running as a Conservative in the general election against Republican Christopher Swatt for that position.

Republican Treasurer Michael Gifford is unopposed.

Seeking Republican positions on the Common Council are Kathi Iannotti and Edwin Queeney III in the 2nd and 4th wards, respectively.

All four sitting Republican supervisors – Richard Handy in the 1st Ward; Michael Kinowski in the 2nd Ward; Jack Callery in the 3rd Ward; and William Waldron in the 4th Ward – face no opposition.

Bleecker: Facing no opposition are these Republicans: David Howard for supervisor, David Bartholomew for councilman, Paul Brink for highway superintendent, James Olson for town justice and Toni Johnson for clerk.

Town of Broadalbin: Unopposed are Republicans Valerie Everson for town clerk, Linda Eastman for tax collector, William Jennings for justice and Joseph McDonald for assessor.

Caroga: Incumbent Republican Supervisor Ralph Ottuso will be challenged by Democrat Ronald McLain.

Republican Stephen Putman is unopposed for highway superintendent.

Ephratah: Republican councilman candidates are George Cosselman and Thomas Miles.

Unopposed are John Keppler Jr. for justice and Cynthia Wesselmann for tax collector, both Republicans.

Northampton: Running unopposed as GOP candidates are: Elaine Mihalik for town clerk, John Farquhar for justice, Christopher (Kip) Richardson for highway superintendent and Elaine Dodge for tax collector.

Oppenheim: Unopposed are Republicans Joanne Capek-Young for justice and Arthur Madison Jr. for assessor. Councilmen candidates are Republicans Stephanie Gray and Cynthia Breh.

Perth: Democrats seeking councilmen positions are Walter Kowalczyk and Timothy Korona. Republican-Conservative Wayne McNeil is unopposed for justice.

Stratford: Unopposed are Republicans Allen Perkins for councilman and Diana Massicotte for clerk. Democrat Charles Goodwin will face Republican Gary Rumrill Sr. for highway superintendent in November.

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