County doing more plow work

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton County will spend about $150,000 less next year than it did five years ago contracting with its municipalities to do snow removal on certain county roads. The county is taking it upon itself to do more of the work, officials said.

“We’ve picked up a lot of mileage,” county Superintendent of Highways and Facilities Mark Yost said last week.

The Board of Supervisors’ Buildings and Grounds-Highway Committee last week authorized more than $248,000 worth of agreements with eight towns and the city of Johnstown for snow removal on about 49 miles of county roads.

Yost told the committee the total cost of contracting for some of the snow removal with the municipalities for next winter will cost between $245,000 and $248,000 for the 49 miles. The municipalities are paid $5,000 per centerline mile.

Yost said Fulton County’s contracted mileage for the 2007-08 winter season cost the county $394,650 for about 79 miles.

Proposed snow agreements for the next winter between the county and its municipalities are as follows: town of Bleecker – 2.2 miles, $10,750; town of Caroga – 5.2 miles, $25,750; town of Ephratah – 7.4 miles, $37,000; town of Johnstown – 6.7 miles, $33,600; town of Mayfield – 5.9 miles, $29,550; town of Northampton – 9.7 miles, $48,450; town of Perth – 3 miles, $15,150; town of Stratford – 8.9 miles, $44,800; city of Johnstown – 0.65 miles, $3,250.

Yost said he still had to resolve contract details in the city of Johnstown. He said the city does County Highway 148 (Glebe Street Extension) for the county to the Montgomery County line.

The committee also approved its formal list of county roads designated for snow and ice control by the county and municipalities for 2013-14. The county will do 142.6 centerline miles.

“These are all the roads under our purview and we’re going to plow all of them – between us and the towns,” Yost said.

The committee also authorized the chairman of the board to sign an annual $4,000 agreement with the town of Bleecker for plowing and sanding the 0.80-mile road leading to the county’s communications tower on Bleecker Mountain.

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