Too many questions in cyclist’s death

As a cyclist, I am outraged at the death of Ed Lakata; it was a senseless accident and could have been avoided.

In Article 25 of the state Vehicle and Traffic Law, Section 1122-a, overtaking a bicycle, it states: “The operator of a vehicle overtaking from behind a bicycle proceeding on the same side of a roadway shall pass to the left of such bicycle at a safe distance until safely clear thereof.” According to The Daily Gazette, Fulton?County Sheriff Thomas Lorey said they investigated the crash and claimed “the accident happened very near the white line,” which begs me to ask, did the driver give Ed a safe distance and move over? Did anyone check the driver’s cellphone to see if he was using it, or was he tested for any drug use?

I can’t begin to count the cars, trucks and even police vehicles that don’t move over at all when I’m out riding, even when there is no traffic coming from the opposite direction.

As cyclists, we do our best to stay to the right of the fog line, but many shoulders are dangerous to ride and we are forced to ride on or inside the fog line.

In a traffic-safety guide produced by the state Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, it says, “The motorist must always remember that bicyclists and in-line skaters have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles, and motorists are required to exercise ‘due care’ to avoid colliding with bicyclists and in-line skaters. As a safety measure, motorists should make scanning for bicyclists and in-line skaters second nature, and give them plenty of clearance when passing them and the right-of-way when appropriate.”

There are too many unanswered questions regarding this accident, and I hope they will reopen the investigation.

In the meantime, please, people, pay better attention to the “other” users of our roadways.