Donations, volunteers helped ‘Curb Appeal’

I would like to thank everyone who made the first “Glovesville Curb Appeal” a success. We received donations from Wayne Peters and Gail Blanchard, Kingsboro Lumber, Subway, Kelly Lawrence, Main Street Studio Photos, Dorothy Holly, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sheeler and Benjamin Moore.

We also thank those who worked hard for about six hours on the recent Saturday; Garret Dooling, Cayden and Isabelle King, Victor Preuninger, Kelly Curtis, Alex Yost, Allen Barr from Barrr’s Construction, Sandy Littlejohn, Kolin Hallenbeck, Abbey Gargiulo, and Mayor Dayton King. There also was a group of six people who didn’t want to be named. Thank you.

Thanks to Chris Curro and the Mohawk Harvest for allowing us to have entry forms dropped off at the market. Thank you to T.A. Canty from the Glove City Sports Lounge for letting us hold meetings at his establishment. Thank you to The Leader-Herald, Fulton County and Beyond and everyone who spread the word about this project.

It was great to have so many people drive by and tell us what a great job everyone was doing. We also noticed that many people in the neighborhood also were cleaning up their own yards.

We thank our Project Manager Sean Dooling, of S.J. Dooling Building and Remodeling, for volunteering his expertise on a beautiful Saturday.

Finally, thank you to Belle Bruse who was the first winner of the Gloversville Curb Appeal. Belle continues to give back so much to our community and she really is an inspiration to me and many young women in our city.