Y fails to meet mission

I could not agree more with Jim Flint and his comments regarding the Fulton?County YMCA.

When we seniors visit our doctors, they are always advising the importance of exercise.

The YMCA recognized that fact and worked with Silver Sneakers and Blue Cross/Blue Shield to allow seniors to attend classes for free.

No agreement was reached this year as the YMCA would not accept the terms of Silver Sneakers or Blue Cross for Seniors. We were not even asked for any input, or if we would be willing to make up the difference in the fees.

It is obvious the Fulton?County YMCA is not living up to its mission statement, and those who need it the most will not be able to get needed services.

I know many senior members who support the YMCA by volunteering. It is a shame the YMCA also may lose their services.

Perhaps, in the future, the YMCA’s administration will change its mind. Until then, many seniors will have to forgo the much-needed exercise time.