Work on new plaza continues in town

VAILS MILLS – Workers are constructing a new plaza in the town of Mayfield.

Crews from JAG Concrete were busy recently working on the foundation of the building.

Scott MacLauchlin, one of the developers behind the new construction, said construction of the new site began last fall, with rough grading being done to the site.

“The construction began full swing back in late April,” MacLauchlin said.

Mayfield Code Enforcement Officer Mike Stewart said the foundation is just about complete.

The plaza will be 13,000 square feet of space, with the majority of the space belonging to a Dollar General outlet.

According to MacLauchlin, construction of the outlet is expected to be finished sometime October, with the Dollar General opening in December. Space will be available as well for two other tenants.

The remaining 3,700 square feet of the plaza is still available for tenants.

“There are a few proposals on the occupancies,” MacLauchlin said.

In November, MacLauchlin needed approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the state Department of Labor and the state Department of Environmental Conservation. They had cut 1.3 acres from the original plan due to the area being protected.

“There’s a portion of the site that was located to wetlands,” MacLauchlin said.

MacLauchlin said in November he chose the site because of the significant amount of traffic there. He also said he was seeing an increase in development in the area, and he likes the character of the area.

Town of Mayfield council member Charles Morrison said the development of the site is important to the town, expecially with the revenue the town is expecting to lose with the Walmart store moving to Gloversville.

“It will bring a great benefit to the town,” Morrison said. “…Something like that sure helps the town.”