Better response needed

After reading Crisan Anadio’s letter to the editor published June 7, I was compelled to write this.

I was born and grew up in Gloversville many years ago. I still have family living in the city. In the near future, I plan to visit with my dog, a small 20-pound mutt that is my best friend. I am now reconsidering my visit.

The incident described in Crisan’s letter is disturbing, but it is the minimal response by the animal control officer and the police department that appalls me. A resident dog was attacked and killed by a non-resident, unrestrained dog and neither authority could locate the owner? Then, when the deceased dog’s owner and friends died, the authorities’ reply was that the dog is “good with people”? Are you kidding me? What will they do if a non-resident, restrained dog is attacked by any dog? Obviously, nothing.

Please don’t misconstrue my point. My son owns a pit bull. She is a loving, well-behaved dog and I trust and love her. I do not blame the breed for the incident, I blame the owner.

And, I am outraged the authorities responsible for animal control in Gloversville have not apprehended the owner and held that person responsible. That is their job, is it not?

At a minimum, the woman’s property was destroyed. In reality, it was much more devastating to her. At a minimum, the owner owes her monetary compensation for her property. In reality, the owner owes her much more. At a minimum, the animal control officer needs to do the job. In reality, the police should have done the investigation.


Canton, Mass.