Police, state troopers arrest 64 people

GLOVERSVILLE – City police said officers and state troopers arrested 64 people during a five-day warrant arrest sweep, authorities said.

Police said the individuals arrested accounted for nearly $12,000 in unpaid fines.

Police said 14 people who were wanted came to court and paid fines in lieu of arrest. About $2,600 was collected from people who turned themselves in, police said.

The sweep started June 17 and went through June 21. Police said state troopers helped locate and arrest people living or working outside the city.

Each person arrested was arraigned in City Court by Judges Traci DiMezza and Joan Antonik.

Police said those arrested during the sweep include:

Michael Teale, 42, of 23 Second St., disorderly conduct and aggravated unlicensed operation (AUO).

David Teneyck, 38, of 28 Cayadutta St., Fonda, petit larceny.

Jamie Phillips, 36, of 524 County Highway 146, Johnstown, issuing a bad check.

Jason Baird, 28, of 1089 Mountain Road, Mayfield, disorderly conduct.

Milton Phillips, 37, of 15 Wagner St., Fort Plain, two AUOs

Nelson Peters, 47, of 78 Second Ave., disorderly conduct.

Patricia Hill, 52, of 333 Route 29A, disorderly conduct.

Clarence Hayes, 30, of 112 N. Main St., disorderly conduct.

Chad Kryzak, 25, of 25 Willow St., disorderly conduct.

Ralph Colmenero, 51, of 247 Bleecker St., disorderly conduct.

Chad Hilts, 22, of 164 Bleecker St., third-degree assault.

John Kilcullen, 39, of 166 Bleecker St., vehicle and traffic conviction.

Danny Williams, 35, of 209 Bleecker St., criminal mischief.

Shane Calhoun, 22, of 8 Park St., driving while ability impaired.

Michelle Maye, 49, of 47 Saratoga Blvd., disorderly conduct.

Andrew Hickock, 26, of 189 Spring St., third-degree assault.

Ross Ryerson, 29, of 68 Mohawk St., Fort Plain, vehicle and traffic conviction.

Kenton Rhodes, 33, no permanent address in Gloversville, three warrants for harassment.

Rhodes also was charged with resisting arrest as a result of this arrest.

William Rourke, 26, of 1066 Route 309, criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Susan Morrison, 37, of 7 Homestead Drive, trespass.

Matt Blanchard, 26, of 12 Addison St., harassment.

Joseph Pagano, 37, of 351 N. Third, Northville, vehicle and traffic conviction.

Corey Larimore, 23, of 44 Washington St., growing marijuana.

Steven Riach, 26, of 410 N. Main St., criminal contempt conviction.

Melissa Susee, 23, of 125 S. Main St., dog at large.

Martin Cramer, 24, of 85 North St., Amsterdam, grand larceny.

John Courtney, 42, of 79 E. Fulton St., third-degree assault.

James Crouse, 36, of 64 E. Pine St., criminal mischief.

John T. Young, 42, of 9 Grandoe Lane, criminal possession of a weapon.

Jeff Tracy, 32, of 99 S. Judson St., disorderly conduct.

Irene Moreo, 33, of 9 N. Water St., harassment.

Joseph Skaine, 24, of 14 E. Eighth Ave., criminal mischief.

Angela Insogna, 21, of 18 Second Ave., disorderly conduct.

Danielle Raylinski, 27, of 1026 Route 309, petit larceny.

Brandon Coopey, 31, of 835 North Shore Road, Hadley, AUO.

Carlton Frasier, 33, of 30 E. Main St., Johnstown, misapplication of property.

Daniel McCarthy, 46, of 10 Lincoln St., issuing a bad check.

Wendy Herringshaw, 39, of 196 County Highway 122, theft of services.

William Brown, 40, of 29 North St., AUO and harassment.

Brian Hartter, 63, of 19 Woodside Ave., fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

Steven Barr II, 39, of 34 S. Main St., disorderly conduct.

Jessica (Petoff) Bush, 34, of 10 Mill St., disorderly conduct.

Christopher McGuire, 27, of 94 W. Pine St., disorderly conduct.

Jason Jennings, 41, of 1344 County Highway 107, Fort Johnson, third-degree assault.

Cherie Cool, 40, of 8 North St., Family Court warrant from Herkimer County.

Michele Jackson, 20, of 138 Fremont St., unlicensed dog.

Jackie Green, 44, of 77 Prospect Ave., vehicle and traffic conviction.

Richard Hodges, 32, of 70 E. State St., menacing.

Melissa Cole, 36, of 176 Kingsboro Ave., driving while intoxicated.

Derek Hazzard, 25, of 2106 Route 168, Mohawk, growing marijuana conviction.

Benny Fernandez, 27, of 515 N. Market St., Johnstown, AUO.

Nichole Waight, 27, of 16 Briggs St., Johnstown, disorderly conduct.

Dylan Durrin-Brown, 18, of 62 Temple St., possession of marijuana.

Jonathan Morgan, 24, of 44 Montgomery St., disorderly conduct.

Jeremiah Wiedemann, 32, of 184 Spring St., AUO.

Myles Clifford, 31, of 310 W. Clinton St., Johnstown, DWAI.

Mark Young Jr., 24, of 1138 County Highway 112, Bleecker, disorderly conduct.

Margit Stuart, 53, of 28 Fort Johnson Ave., Fort Johnson, issuing a bad check.

James Dingman Jr., 35, of 162 Bleecker St., criminal contempt.

William Dobson, 54, of 117 Washington St., Johnstown, open container.

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