Lack of respect for flag is unacceptable

I am a Vietnam veteran and I recently attended the burial of my dad, Herb, who was a World War II veteran. I was presented with his folded flag from his draped casket at the end of the military service. I received that as a wonderful gift and felt it was a great honor.

I am greatly troubled at some forms of disrespect we see of our flag.

An example of this is the picnic table that has the flag painted across the top just north of Mayfield on Route 30. In respect to the flag, nothing is to be set or placed on top of the flag, thus making this table useless.

Last year, I contacted a business in Johnstown, reminding them it is in violation to fly anything above the stars and stripes- there was an air-filled ball to keep it in the air and flying. They thanked me and took it down. Now there is another one like this between Amsterdam and Perth.

Soon we will be celebrating the Fourth of July with all of its parades and festivities. If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or adult-please stand and salute our flag as the veterans, firefighters, bands, etc., go marching by and teach our children and young people to do the same.

Hoping you all have a wonderful summer.