Barbara Lee Palmer (Lorenzen)

Barbara Lee Palmer (Lorenzen) was born at home in Teaneck, N.J,. to a Sausillito, California, socialite Virginia Elizabeth Dolbear and a gentleman from Maine, Stephen Lawerence Palmer. The two met April 4,1921, married April 5,1922, and Bobbie was born April 6, 1923. So also was born her attention to detail. Bobbie loved the English language and exceptional uses of the mind. Authors who bore the expression of living passed through her hands on a daily basis.

Bobbie was a child in the Great Depression, a “war bride” of WW II. She graduated from Teaneck High School in 1941, attended Bucknell University and became a phlebotomist at Columbian Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

In 1950, she married her childhood, friend, Ernst George Lorenzen, and they reconstructed an old farm house near Clinton, N.Y., “Yonder Hill”

1956 brought the first of her two greatest joys, Gregg Scott and in 1960, Lou Crete.

Bobbie was a third generation summer resident of Piseco. In 1970 she became a year round resident to what has always been her heart’s home – Piseco, N.Y., as she and Ernie began their life’s dream.

1990 saw the completion of a two decade construction of an Adirondack Great Camp – Mile Point in Piseco. Barbara Lee has been a loving member of St. Hubert-of-the-Lakes for over 43 years, a lifelong Episcopalian. She received the Angel Award from the Boy Scouts of America for her dedication. She served 10 years as secretary-treasurer of Hamilton County Soil & Water/Greater Adirondack RC&D. As a nanogenerian, Bobbie was still driving up to 100 miles round trip to give blood every few months – her means of volunteering, always trying to give back to her surroundings.

Her family extends their gratitude for the community support that allowed her to complete life on earth where she was the happiest.

She passed on in comfort, with “I Love You” as her last words to everyone – with a lecture to “be good so she will see you again in Heaven.”

Barbara was predeceased by her parents and husband and Black Lab, Shadrack, the last of many “indulged pets.” Also, niece, Jilda Palmer, her dearest friends, Ma and Burr Call and Dale of Sacandaga Lake, Olive and John Finenko of Piseco, Olive and Bill Edwards of Clinton, N.Y.

She is survived by “the best brother in the world,” Steve and Nancy Palmer of Piseco; their children, Mark and Suzanne Palmer and family, David Palmer and Debbie Gutowski and their family, Lynn and Rick Wilt and their family; Barbara’s son, Gregg and Mo Lorenzen and his children, Anna-Lee, Karl, and his son, her great-grandchild, Dominic, all of Wells, N.Y.; Barbara’s daughter, Lou Crete and Ray Decker Jr. with dranddaughters, Virginia Dorsey of Jackson, Wyoming and Meghan and Karin Dorsey, both of Salt Lake City, Utah; Lest we forget, Gregg’s goats, et al., the Siamese Pippin, horses, Charlie and Sunny, Labs Achelois, Jubilee, her namesake Tarbara, a Black Lab and Molly, a Black Lab ” best friend” – with her devotion to all the dogs in the neighborhood.

In lieu of memorial flowers, she would encourage support to Piseco Fire Department or the Mountain Valley Hospice and to volunteer to your community whenever you can.

As she said to us daily, always remember she loves you. Amen.

Memorial Service Saturday, June 29, at St. Hubert’s Episcopal Church in Lake Pleasent at 1:30 p.m.