Waste plan still needed

For years, elected officials in Montgomery County criticized the Montgomery-Otsego-Schoharie Solid Waste Management Authority.

Since MOSA began operating in 1989, some officials have complained the authority charges too much for the amount of garbage it handles.

However, besides complaining, no officials took the initiative to seriously come up with a plan for what would happen when the county no longer has MOSA to handle trash.

That’s a shame for county residents – and the elected officials who will inherit this problem – because the end of Montgomery County’s involvement with MOSA appears to be in sight.

Otsego County already received legislative authorization from the state to withdraw from MOSA when the service agreement expires on May 1, 2014.

Now, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors is expected to discuss a resolution Tuesday that essentially would allow the county to get out of MOSA as well. The county then would manage its solid waste services independently.

County officials also are expected to consider a resolution to hire a company to develop an independent solid-waste management plan.

In the short term, it seems likely the county will have little choice but to pay to have its trash hauled somewhere else. However, that may not be the affordable long-term answer for county taxpayers.

That raises an important question: Is it feasible for the county to build a new landfill?

The county had more than 20 years to figure out what it would do after MOSA. County residents should keep this issue in mind when voting for members of the new legislature. Residents should demand candidates offer long-term ideas and commit to resolving this situation.