Speaker at Northville graduation advises students to pay attention in life

NORTHVILLE – Northville Central School District media specialist Sharon Perrella told the 35 graduating seniors Friday night to “pay attention” in many different ways as they head off to their worlds beyond high school.

The guest speaker at the high school’s 118th annual commencement on the front lawn told the Class of 2013 to be aware of their surroundings – from the way they use money to caring for those less fortunate.

“Pay attention to your finances,” Perrella said. “As I am sure you have heard some adult say, ‘Just because something looks good, does not mean it is.’ This is particularly true in the world of money. There are not any fast ways of making money. Even today, the best way to be successful with finances, is to work, to save and to keep track of how you use your money.”

But Perrella had other bits of advice in the “pay attention” department for the graduating seniors. She told them to be aware of all the wonderful people in their lives.

“Pay attention to those around you- your family, your parents, siblings and other relatives are important facets of a good life,” she stated. “They usually do love you in spite of it all and do keep you humble.”

Perrella urged the seniors to develop an interest outside of their work – a hobby, a creative outlet, a physical activity – or anything that makes your “free time” special and then share it with others.

The speaker also told graduates to “pay attention” to those less fortunate, to their own hearts and their own lives.

Students wearing Northville blue and white proceeded onto the front lawn in a line, but slowly so each student had a chance to be recognized by their family and friends. The student body was led by Valedictorian Sara Yetto and Salutatorian Abigail Moore. Ideal weather conditions blessed the traditional outside commencement.

“I arrived in mid-October of last year and fell in love with the school,” Dr. Debra Lynker, district superintendent, also told the gathering.

She said she knew Northville Central was a “special place” when she got a written request for students to come in on a Saturday to scrub the building in honor of a custodian

“Let me be the first to congratulate you, the seniors, on all of your accomplishments the last four years,” Lynker stated.

Co-Student Council President Katherine Dickey was mistress of ceremonies.

Secondary School Principal Brian Bishop presented awards.

The presentation of the class picture and gift was by Holly Olmstead, Abigail Moore, Arthur Hoffman and Matthew Scunziano.

Presenting diplomas were Lynker, and Board of Education President Cynthia Frasier and Vice President Sheldon Ginter.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at manich@leaderherald.com