FMCC remodels bursar’s office

JOHNSTOWN – When Fulton-Montgomery Community College students return to the bursar’s office for financial and other information, they will be greeted in a welcoming environment, college officials say.

The college spent approximately $40,000 to have the office remodeled in February. The college Board of Trustees went on a tour of the office during the board’s monthly meeting at the college Thursday.

“It’s always important for us to present a welcoming environment here on campus,” FMCC President Dustin Swanger said. “The changes we made to the bursar’s office I think really does that and makes it a more efficient work environment as well.”

Previously, the college had a traditional-style office with a plexiglas window with holes to speak and pass documents through. The renovations opened the front desk to allow a more private and personalized visit for each student, college officials say.

Swanger said the previous style gave students little privacy when talking about their academic or financial status.

The college also expanded the office’s front desk to allow two students to be able to access the office at a time, reducing the amount of time students wait, Swanger said.

To maintain the students’ privacy, wooden inserts have been installed between the two access points.

People working in the office will find it more organized with individual nooks along the counter for the variety of documents students may need while visiting.

The college increased security in the bursar’s area with a video surveillance system that has a TV to show anyone visiting they are on camera. The office has a slide-down locking door to securely close the office when it isn’t in use.

Staff will have access to a panic button under the counter if a situation may arise where police or public safety may be needed.

The college moved into the new office shortly after graduation in May, Swanger said.

Trustees said they were impressed with the new office space.

“It looks really nice,” Chairman Jim Landrio said. “The other one was so outdated.”