Fine Day for a Ride

GLOVERSVILLE -A program aimed at providing the “little things” for people served by Lexington Center got a big boost Saturday, as an out-of-state cyclists club raised $15,000 for a 100-mile bike race in Fulton County.

Lora Johnston, a member of the Lexington Foundation’s Advisory Board of Directors, helped found the Kaleidoscope program, an auxiliary service that supplements what government funding provides to brighten the day of Lexington Center’s clients.

“Lexington Center does an amazing job providing for its clients’ needs, but there are little things government funding doesn’t pay for – we’re talking ice cream, a picnic, a birthday party, the gift of a CD, stuff like that,” she said.

Johnston’s daughter, Ashley Lauria, participates in Lexington’s Kaleidoscope House, a day-habilitation center in Johnstown that serves about 35 clients. Johnston said it was taking her daughter to Kaleidoscope that helped her realize what needed to be done to help Lexington’s clients.

“My daughter’s needs will always be provided for, but some of these guys just don’t have that, and that’s why we wanted to create this program to help them,” she said.

Since it was created, the Kaleidoscope program has aimed to raise about a $1,000 a month in donations. A “Calendar of Love” on display at Dick and Peg’s Northward Inn shows the top donor for each month.

“Some months, we raise more than $1,000,” Johnston said.

For June, they’ve raised a lot more – $15,000 – thanks to the Aging Like Fine Wine bicycle club.

ALFW’s Kevin Geraghty, who lives in Boston but grew up in Gloversville and owns a camp on Peck’s Lake, said he has known Johnston for a long time and was glad to help.

“None of these guys had ever really heard of Gloversville, but they are such good guys and they understand that life is much better when it’s a belly-to-belly business, and we were glad to do this because it was a lot of fun and we got to raise a little money,” Geraghty said.

ALFW is a group of men in their mid-50s who live in Massachusetts and put on charity bike races several times a year. More information about the group is available on its website,