Johnson Jog results announced

JOHNSTOWN – Zak Godfrey of Fultonville and Kellie Lawton of Gloversville were the male and female winners of the Johnson Jog 5k road race on May 18.

Godfrey was the top overall finished with a time of 17:42, while Lawton was the female winner with a time of 20:59.

In the age 1-14 boys division, Johnstown’s Brandon Mraz (21:11) was first, Jesse Goebel (23:39) was second and Jack Goebel (23:44) was third.

In the age 1-14 girls division, Gloversville’s Emma Goebel (27:49) was first, Lillie Willis (28:17) was second and Payton Sardella (29:17) was third.

Johnstown’s Eric Brower posted the top time in the male age 15-19 division, finishing with a time of 17:57. Johnstown’s Brett Schlesier (19:35) was second and Clifton Park’s Brett Valente (20:27) was third.

In the female age 15-19 division, Johnstown’s Courtney Cirillo (24:27) was first, Johnstown’s Elizabeth Havlicek (28:57) was second and Johnstown’s Clara Solby (30:16) was third.

Johnstown’s Joe Dodd (19:38) finished first in the men’s age 20-29 division, while Johnstown’s Travis Bevington (20:31) was second and Gloversville’s Colt Duppen (21:45) was third.

In the women’s age 20-29 division, Ellen Robinson of Stamford, Conn., won with a time of 21:22. Johnstown’s Nicole Bullock (22:22) was second and Gloversville’s Samantha Bielli (23;18) was third.

Gloversville’s Paul Panek was the top finisher in the men’s age 30-39 division, posting a time of 19:19. Canajoharie’s Ambrose Schaffer (20:10) was second and Fultonville’s Matthew Torniainen (20:16) was third.

In the women’s age 30-39 division, Rochester’s Melanie Robinson won with a time of 21:19. Johnstown’s Christine Eaton (22:27) was second and Northville’s Rebecca Conley (23:01) was third.

Gloversville’s Raymond Peck won the men’s age 40-49 division with a time of 23:20. Johnstown’s Paul Rogers (24:11) was second and Broadalbin’s Jason Smith (24:52) was third.

In the women’s age 40-49 division, Altamont’s Penny Tisko (21:12) was first, Johnstown’s Linda Sweetman (22:26) was second and Johnstown’s Michele Lake (24:09) was third.

Gloversville’s Tom Bielli (20:54) was the top finisher in the men’s age 50-59 division, while Guilderland’s Brian Collins (21:03) was second and Delanson’s Bob Kanarkiewicz (21:20) was third.

In the women’s age 50-59 division, Cohoes’ Danielle Cherniak (21:59) was first, Caroga Lake’s Lynne Delesky (29:01) was second and Amsterdam’s Joyce Poulin (29:58) was third.

In the men’s age 60-69 division, Ballston Spa’s Dennis Fillmore (21:10) was first, Galway’s Terry Smith (26:43) was second and Averill Park’s Rick Rocco (27:12) was third.

Johnstown’s Bridget Polidore (26:08) finished first in the women’s age 60-69 division, while Mayfield’s Sherry Dixon (33:35) was second and Johnstown’s Marilyn Fairman (38:22) was third.

In the age 70-79 men’s division, Albany’s Richard Eckhardt (38:56) was first and Johnstown’s Anthony Caruso (46:56) was second.

Johnstown’s Bonnie Van Wie was the top finisher in the women’s 70-79 division, finishing with a time of 54:38. Johnstown’s Nancy Frank (54:55) was second and Asta Enila of West Boylston, Mass., was third with a time of 1:11.11.

In the men’s 80 to 100 division, Johnstown’s Robert Gould (41:33) was first and Johnstown’s Pasquale Viscusi (54:44) was second.