GPD, DPW aided shelter

On May 18, the Regional Animal Shelter celebrated its one-year anniversary. During the ceremony, many people were acknowledged and thanked for their generosity, commitment and support of our shelter. Among those mentioned were the city of Gloversville’s Police Department for its assistance with helping to keep the dogs off the streets and for patrolling the area, ensuring our animals and volunteers were safe, and the city’s Department of Public Works for maintaining proper working order of our facility and for rescuing tennis balls and Kong toys out of our drainage system.

On May 24, a horrible act was committed against the Regional Animal Shelter, devastating the board, volunteers and local supporters.

This tragic event luckily resulted in a happy reunion. Once again, we wish to thank the Police Department for its prompt response to our call for help, for its diligent work investigating the crime, arresting those who allegedly committed the crime, and ultimately returning our dog to us.

We also wish to thank the DPW for quickly coming to our aid, promptly replacing the destroyed property, and for their kind words and emotional support throughout the ordeal.

Oftentimes, these departments do not receive the thanks and praise that they deserve; they consider what they do simply all in the course of normal business operations. To us at the Regional Animal Shelter, we are very appreciative of all they do in providing their services to us and the community.

A very heartfelt thank you goes out to the GPD and the DPW. We look forward to a very long and lasting working relationship together to help make the community a better place.