YMCA’s decision on plan disappointing

It is disappointing to find the Fulton County YMCA chose to end the memberships of people who are 65 years of age and older whose health insurance includes Silver Sneakers, due to the fact that the amount of money the insurance will pay does not meet the minimum charge the YMCA chooses to accept. All of the other YMCAs in this area, including those in Saratoga Springs and Amsterdam, accept the Silver Sneakers plan.

Points that should be considered by the decision-making entity at the Fulton County YMCA:

1) After reading the YMCA’s mission statement and core values, I find this decision contrary to both.

2) I would imagine some of these individuals have been members for an extended period of time.

3) Most of those affected are on fixed incomes.

4) Basing membership on who can pay what is apparently an arbitrary number (other Y’s accept the fee schedule) demonstrates this YMCA does not adhere to its own core values of “caring” and “respect.”

5) I would imagine many of these people supported the Fulton?County YMCA in a variety of ways, which would include donations of time and money during the fund drives. Do you really want to alienate these people, their friends and families?

6) It is in the community’s best interest to ensure its members are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I applaud all of the folks 65 and older who are motivated to stay active.

7) The only indoor pool in the area is at the Fulton County YMCA.

The list could go on and on. What concerns me the most is that most, if not all, of the other fitness centers in the area are willing to accept the fee the insurance company provides.

The victims here are those who want to stay active but aren’t allowed to because of money.

Let me close with this suggestion: Accept the Silver Sneakers fee and have the individuals pay the difference the YMCA feels it must have to allow membership.