Post prom a big success

On behalf of the students, parents, faculty and staff of Johnstown High School, I wish to thank the many volunteers who worked so hard to make this year’s post-prom party such a huge success.

It would be impossible to count the hundreds of volunteer hours that went into creating this year’s post prom. A special thank you to: Becky Polidore, Pam Baran, Lauren Brand, Carm Anagnostopulous, Steve Diviyak and Conner Diviyak for all your time, talent and dedication.

Thank you to all our decorators, chaperones, carpenters, food donators and cleanup crew: Jen VonderHeide, Val Wilson, Nicki Morton, Brian Crankshaw, Beth and Matt Brower, Michelle and Bill Heroth, Jessica Bump, Dave Hoover, Lisa McCoy, Sara Randolph, Alicia Horning, Phil Scoville, Scott Hale, Bob Kraemer, Jim Robare, Nicole Delorenzo, Nancy Dalmata, Linda Szurek, Melissa Livingston, Chris Gerlach, Charlene Bucsh, Dave Malagisi, Vivine Cirillo, Paula Salatel, Jim Levin, Karen Nellis, Tracey Hildelbrandt, Stacey Lee, Peter Brabant, Harry Brand, Bobbie Dick, Marlene Nellis, Bob Nellis, Mary Port, Julie Barnholt, Rebecca Malagisi, Austin Brand, Amy Hale, Austin Bargy, Beth Degoski, Lori Hart, Gigi Edwards and Raquel Swatt.

Thank you to the parents who returned to help even after your children graduated, Sharon Roth, Lisa Pollak and Ed Hinkle.

Thank you Debbie Miller, Sherry Simons, Kitty Smith, Mr. Ruby and Mr. Beatty for all their help and support throughout the school year.

To our awesome custodial staff, thank you for all your help.

Whatever your role, it was greatly appreciated. Thank you again, and please forgive me if I forgot anyone. This wonderful event would not be possible without your support, dedication, creativity and hard work. I hope to see you all again for Post Prom 2014.


adviser, Johnstown High School