Letter writer incorrect

When someone has no idea what they are talking about, it might be a good idea to just keep your advice to yourself. I am referring to Toni Gattie of DeBary, Fla., who responded to my recent letter.

That letter was intended for the unknown person who left the unwanted and unneeded cat-related items on my porch. In the first place, this person never fed or gave water to those animals as I had already been home for more than a week. In fact, I was right here at the time but they were so sneaky that I didn’t even hear a thing. About an hour earlier, I had received a delivery from the pharmacy and nothing was there then. My granddaughter came an hour later and asked, “What’s all that stuff on the porch?”

Also, members of my family came every day while I was gone and collected my mail and newspapers and also gave food and water to those animals, which are not kittens, but 5-year-old cats that I have been feeding and sheltering for 4 1/2 years.

As to medicine, not only would they not let anyone give it to them, but who knows what it was even for. And no matter what you say, 5-year-old feral cats do not know what a litter box is, although this one was well supplied with feces already. I suggest you have a little compassion, since you have no idea what you’re saying.