Perth picks contractors for garage

PERTH – The town awarded bids Thursday for the construction of a new highway garage.

The project will cost more than $380,000 and be completed by the end of the summer.

The board unanimously approved awarding bids to several companies that will construct a 65-by-120-foot highway building, replacing the current 40-by-125-foot garage.

Gregory Fagan, town supervisor, said the new construction is needed because of the small size of the current building and its aging condition.

The town bought the current building in the 1960s for around $10,000, after which the town added to the structure, said Walter Kowalczyk, a Town Board member.

Fagan said a combination of furnace problems and the size of the building led to the decision to build a new garage.

“The building is probably 80, 90 or 100 years old,” Fagan said.

The new garage will be built on Midline road, near the current Highway Department building.

Construction is expected to start soon, officials said.

Fagan said the old building will be used for storage.

The new building will be 60 long feet by 120 feet wide.

Highway Superintendent David Dopp said gravel already has been placed at the site in anticipation of the construction.

The contractors, according to Dopp, said the construction could be completed by the end of the summer, and crews can start as soon as the permits are given to them.

The project will cost more than $383,000, split among several construction companies.

D&J Construction East is getting $234,000 for general construction; $44,000 will go to McBain Electric; $49,000 will go to Family Dans for heating; and $54,000 will go to Parker Plumbing.

More costs are expected, however.

Dopp said paving would need to be done and a septic tank would need to be installed, adding to the cost.

Fagan said the town will have a bond arrangement with NBT Bank.

An interest rate has not been decided yet.

Fagan said the project may result in a small increase in taxes.

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