Lucky city homeowner to get ‘curb appeal’

GLOVERSVILLE – A longtime city resident who in the past has helped the Salvation Army will be on the receiving end of a helping hand.

Belle Bruse, of 34 North St., was randomly selected out of 15 people who entered their homes for improvements by Gloversville Curb Appeal Project volunteers.

Mayor Dayton King and his wife, Chanda, Steve and Kelly Lawrence, Rob and Kelly Curtis, and project manager Sean Dooling of S.J. Dooling Building and Remodeling will head the the group’s effort to improve Bruse’s house and, in the future, others.

“It couldn’t have went to a better person,” Mayor King said. “She is such a giving person and really appreciates anything we can do.”

“I was honored that the mayor approached me on this project, and I think it is going to be nice to give something back,” Dooling said. “You know she is going to appreciate this. She isn’t asking for a lot and said she is happy with anything we can get done whether it is one thing or 10 things.”

Throughout the city, many homes are structurally sound but need minor repairs, Chanda King said. The group of volunteers wanted to provide a free makeover service to owner-occupied one- or two-family homes in the city, she said.

“It came to the point where I was always like, ‘why doesn’t someone do this,’ to finally taking the initiative to do it myself,” Chanda King said. “Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to do a whole block, but it all comes down to how many people help and the community support.”

On June 15, the Curb Appeal team will go to Bruse’s home to carry out such tasks as washing the outside of the house and cleaning up the yard.

The work will be paid for with private donations and sponsorships. Any volunteers are welcome to help with the project, which will begin at 8:30 a.m. Ten volunteers already have committed to helping, Chanda King said.

She said if the weather isn’t cooperative, the project may be extended over a number of days until everything is completed.

Dooling assessed the winning house to determine its needs, and plans to use a budget of $500 for the project.

The volunteers will clean the property by raking the lawn, sweeping the sidewalks and driveway, cleaning the siding, washing the outside windows, trimming the hedges, fixing fencing, cleaning gutters, mulching flower beds, planting grass seed and throwing away junk.

Benjamin Moore is donating paint to be used on the steps of the home and Main Street Photography will buy flowers to be planted. Wayne Peters donated a flag to be hung on the porch, Chanda King said.

Kingsboro Lumber Co. will donate $100 in materials and Subway will donate three food platters and cookies for the volunteers, Mayor King said.

The Curb Appeal project will provide a hose reel. The group will buy or make a unique address marker to hang on the house.

The project will include a makeover of the front door.

The volunteers will clean the porch or other entry way and do necessary repairs.

The volunteers will provide a door knocker or find a season-appropriate wreathe to hang on the door and buy a new door mat, Chanda King said.

The group will try to increase the visual appeal of the property by placing a few inexpensive pots with bright flowers in them outside the front door.

Bruse said she is grateful for being selected and is looking forward to her fence being fixed and gutter no longer leaking onto her porch.

“I really appreciate all of this,” Bruse said. “It is a real blessing. I have always been able to take care of it myself, but I just can’t do it anymore. What they are doing is just wonderful, and not only for me, but others as well.”

Gloversville government is not involved in this project, and the mayor is working on it as a private citizen, Mayor King said. He said no city vehicle or employees will be a part of the effort unless they volunteer on their own time.

The Gloversville Curb Appeal volunteers plan to do another project at the end of summer or in the fall and will select from people who already submitted their homes in the drawing. However, King said if other residents would like to enter a home for the makeover, they can mail their information to 27 Seventh Ave., Gloversville.

Volunteers are welcome to participate and can contact the group’s Facebook page, email or call Chanda King at 774-7452.